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Thu Mar 22 18:14:51 EST 2001

Hallie said...

> >It was my New Years Resolution for this year to drink tea.
> >

I drink it approximately once per year.  I hate the stuff, but somehow, once
a year or so, I find myself in a situation where I feel it more mannerly to
drink than to refuse.

> >Not to drink tea regularly, just to taste the stuff.  And I did.  Not
> >bad, but why people would want to drink it when there is hot chocolate as
> >alternative is beyond me.
> Easy!  Hot chocolate's dessert.  Sweet, hot, chocolately, sweet.  And
> did I mention sweet?  I certainly couldn't handle 6 cups of that a
> day!  Now tea, on the other hand... (Sorry, Ania, no sugar but yes
> milk.

If I must drink it, it'll be unadulterated.  No milk, no sugar, no honey, no
nothing.  I don't like sweet drinks.  And I really *hate* milk!

> Hallie.  (Still frightened by Jacob's driving story.  Second only in
> fear factor to the Bovril eating thing.  ACK!  YUCK!).

Hey, what's wrong with eating Bovril?  It makes a really great spread for
toast; a bit like Marmite, but nicer.  It also goes well in sandwiches with
peanut butter (I am the only person I know who likes such sandwiches,
> Oh - as a PS.  Thanks to you lot, I read _Cold Comfort Farm_.  Becca
> loved it as much as I did.

"Worst fears realised.  Seth and Rueben too.  Send gumboots."

What a wonderful book that is!

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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"Fashion exists for women with no taste, etiquette for people with no
--Queen Marie of Romania

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