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Thu Mar 22 18:09:46 EST 2001

Melissa said...
> I don't usually *narrate* my own life, but I do construct dialogues
> myself and other people, or between other people I'm watching...and I
> descriptive paragraphs in my head while waiting at stoplights...

No, I walk through my daily life, narrating it to myself as I go:  "I zip up
my jacket, sling my handbag around me, and grab my bag.  Pulling my cap down
over my right ear, I leave the house.  It's a cold morning; colder than the
last few days.  The wind has that frosty bite to it that cuts right through
my clothing.  There's no-one else around on the street; in fact, it's *too*
quiet - I look at my watch.  Yes, it really is ten past eight.  Where is
everybody?"  And so and so on, down to the bus stop, during the bus ride,

I use this narration as a way to find just the right words to describe
something ("that nasty, damp cold that seeps through skin and flesh to lodge
in my finger-bones", frex).  But I can't *not* do it, now; it's become such
a habit!

Except when I'm describing to myself how I may appear to other people (like
the guy in the post-office, or the vet)!

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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