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> :)  Actually, you got me thinking what a nice opening for a book that
> would make.  "I was born in a small book shop in Durham, when my
> mother became too engrossed in <fill in book title> to notice being
> in labour."  I may have to suggest this to Cara in a few years.<<

Much nicer if it was in the Real Durham! There used to be a student bookshop
tucked away in the College - the Cathedral Close, within view of the central
tower. It had a rarely-visited basement - ideal location. (That is Durham
City, County Durham, of course.<g>)

> (And for those on the list who have given birth, this _would_ be
> speculative fiction, so no need for snorts of derision!)
That goes without saying. Though I do know a woman who had eight kids and
never felt any pain till after the transition stage of labour!

> Oddly enough, this morning when buying the paper, I saw part of a
> headline (on the type of paper I don't buy, btw)  yelling "TERROR OF
> GIVING BIRTH IN".  I had to move another paper to see whether it was
> indeed "... in a book shop", but alas, it was only "in the UK".

We have book shops here too!<g> Why is it supposed to be so terrifying to
give birth here, though?


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