Literature abuse

liril at liril at
Thu Mar 22 03:52:42 EST 2001


> I remember
> once or twice catching myself narrating my own life
> in third person, like a novel. E.g. finding myself thinking,
> "She climbed onto her bike." I think I even once
> accidentally appended, "She said", onto the end of
> something I was telling someone. Oops.
> Just me? Please tell me it's not just me? ...:-)

Nonono. Bettina used to do that, too. (And thought she might be the only one
as well.)

Welcome to the list, Miranda!


PS: Do you know the Asterix in which Caesar is talking about himself in the
third person, and than some Roman says to him: "He's great!" And Caesar: "Who,
"he"?" To which the other replies: "Well, *he*!"....

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