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Miranda K. Smith mirkat at
Wed Mar 21 23:00:58 EST 2001

> On Wed, 21 Mar 2001 17:33:22 -0500 (EST), M Elizabeth Parks wrote:
> Is anyone else in the middle of a book glut? ... 
> In the middle of _Little, Big_ by John Crowley

Yay! I love Crowley. Strange, elegant, obtuse,
scholarly, intensely poetic writer. His books move 
SLOWLY  but there's something very relaxing about
that, as long as you're sufficiently addicted to his prose
to keep picking  up whichever one you're in the middle
of.  I just bought Daemonia but haven't started it yet....

in part because...segue...Elizabeth just mentioned Oz;
I'm currently in the middle of Wicked, by Gregory 
Maguire. Anyone? anyone? (Sorry, BTW, if I'm 
bringing up any previously-discussed books; I haven't
had time to go through the archive yet, though I fully
intend to, because I"m dying to know what you all
think of Harry Potter--he must've come up.) I love
Wicked--it's the life of the Wicked Witch of the West,
whose name turns out to be Elphaba, up to her sudden
death at Dorothy's hands. Describing it makes it
sound like it'll be funny; it's not, at all,but it's brilliant.
Amazing how he takes Baum's Oz and deepens it into
this incredibly real and complex place, with religious,
political, ecological dynamics & conflicts--he's good.
I think this is his first. One to watch. 


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