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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Wed Mar 21 19:51:52 EST 2001

On Wed, 21 Mar 2001 17:33:22 -0500 (EST), M Elizabeth Parks wrote:

> Mostly, I think my
>book experiences have been good ones.  And if my luck should
>change. . . well, I'd much rather be taken out by, say, the Complete Works
>of Shakespeare, than I would an Oldsmobile.

Amen, sister.

My worst moving-violation-while-reading habit was when I was in college and
used to read while walking home.  We lived in an apartment just south of
campus, and my route home meant walking down the very long flight of stairs
and then just down the street about five blocks--no turns or anything.  So
not nearly as exciting as Lizzie's lovely tale....

Unlike the rest of you hopeless cases <grin> I have self control.  Lots of
it.  In big bags behind the house.  Where it can't interfere with my reading

And on the subject of addicting others to books, after the long-ago
discussion of _Crown Duel_ and _Court Duel_, I bought the books and devoured
them.  Last week I loaned them to a friend (whose Terry Pratchett addiction
I have also been enabling).  This afternoon she called me, as is her habit,
and began the conversation with some incomprehensible muttering about "been
reading for two days straight" and "resented having to stop to take my child
to school" and so forth.  So yeah, she likes them too.

Is anyone else in the middle of a book glut?  I was talking privately to
Hallie about seems that suddenly I have dozens of books I want to
read, most of them not published yet, and I can't think where to start or
finish as there's always one more waiting for me:

In the middle of _Little, Big_ by John Crowley
Impatiently waiting for my copy of _Lirael_ to be mailed
Steven Brust's _Issola_ comes out in April
_Passage_ (more Connie Willis, yum yum) in May, as well as
Terry Pratchett's new book whose title I do not remember, but I ordered it
Bujold's fantasy novel _The Curse of Chalion_ in August, I think August
Orson Scott Card's _Shadow of the Hegemon_ finally, after long delay
David Farland's book _Wizardborn_
Elizabeth Moon's _Against the Odds_

And standing at my kitchen sink the other day I flashed on _Time of the
Ghost_ and thought "hey, I haven't read that one lately, and my piano's
starting to look like theirs, but without the dirty paintwater jars."

<pant pant pant>

I do feel as though I'm gasping for breath in this sea of literature.  But
better this than the dreaded fate of having Nothing To Read.

Melissa Proffitt
(who is eyeing _Year of the Griffin_ right now)
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