Literature abuse

Miranda K. Smith mirkat at
Wed Mar 21 14:28:18 EST 2001

Hallo, all---first post---been a DWJ fan for years, &
delighted to have recently discovered this list.
One thing that wasn't on the Literature Abusers list--
maybe it's just me?:-) Back when I was in my early
teens, & therefore particularly unhappy with the so-
called real world, & therefore particularly apt to be
very deeply engrossed in the world of books, I remember
once or twice catching myself narrating my own life
in third person, like a novel. E.g. finding myself thinking,
"She climbed onto her bike." I think I even once 
accidentally appended, "She said", onto the end of 
something I was telling someone. Oops. 
Just me? Please tell me it's not just me? ...:-)


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