Homeward Bounders

Preisig, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Preisig at KLINE.com
Mon Mar 19 09:49:26 EST 2001

Hello DWJers,

I have been doing a bit of travelling and I am not currently in Perth,
Western Austraila.  I'm in Richmond, Virginia, USA!  There wouldn't be any
of you people in the area, would there?  

I am quite impressed with the DWJ collection the local library has.  I've
also been looking in bookshops and I've seen a few of the new DWJ editions
on the shelves.

I picked up a copy of _The Homeward Bounders_ secondhand in Brisbane on my
way over, and I've been rereading it.  I've always thought that this would
make an absolutely excellent children's television series.  It's not long
and it would be able to be split up into episodes really well with some good
cliffhanger endings.  There are some scenes that I think would translate
really well visually, like when Adam forces Jamie and Joris to play cricket.
That scene was what inspired me to read it again actually.  In honour of the
embarassing loss of the Australians to India :)  And when Helen does her
tricks with her arm.

International traveller.

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