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> >
> >What's rabc?
> The rec.arts.books.children newsgroup.  (You can find it on a Google
> search, at the moment.)<<

Thanks - that sounds like something I need to investigate!

> >Presumably we're talking about Roger Zelazny's series "Nine Princes in
> >Amber", which involves a central character coming into his powers as one
of a group of mysteriously powerful individuals who are siblings. I suppose
> >there is a superficial similarity there, though DWJ is an infinitely
> >writer - IMO, of course! I read the series when I was a
> >first-year-undergraduate in 1974(can I claim I was an infant prodigy?<g>)
so most of it is hazy now, but I remember the style was very poor and it was
> >full of rather clumsy references to Hamlet. I suppose DWJ might have read
> >it, but the inspiration has to be minimal - she's far too good an artsit
> >write AG as a mere parody.
> Hmmm.  Thanks for explaining that, Gill.  But look at what happened
> when she wrote TG as "mere parody". :)

True. She just can't write badly..

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