Test message, and apology for the downtime

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Mar 14 11:24:22 EST 2001


>now if only I knew why it broke... Allen, my co-suberic admin and
>I, spent two hours changing settings last night.  When they were
>back to the settings they'd been when we started, everything
>worked again.  <sigh>
>so here is my experiment.  A year and a half ago, when I got very
>bad RSI, I switched to reading the list by digest, which I could
>print out all at once.  Last night, I thought that if only I'd
>been reading the list on a daily basis I'd have noticed it being
>down.  And I think I'm as fast with my voice software as I'll
>ever be, so I'm going to try to rejoin the daily list.
>Particularly since I've discovered I don't catch up on the
>digests, and I'm several months behind.  ;)  So, to sum up -- I'm
>back!  And I'm full of stifled comments from the last year and a
>half about how irritating the Chrestomanci on the new UK editions
>looks, and how much the new Chrestomanci U.S. editions look like
>reprints of Tailchaser's Song instead of dwj books, but that
>least they are attractive, and questions about whether any body
>has heard anything more about filming Howl's, but I'm so far
>behind in the archives that I will have to catch up before I
>embarrass my self and bring up something that has already been
>discussed to death.  Kind of silly from the list admin.  <grin>

Oh, please unstifle them, Deborah.  I don't know about anyone else, 
but I don't remember any topic having reached fatal levels of 
discussion.  The quiet, on the other hand, was feeling prettty near 

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