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Wed Mar 14 11:46:30 EST 2001

Deborah wrote:

> And I'm full of stifled comments from the last year and a
> half about how irritating the Chrestomanci on the new UK editions
> looks,

This has been said before.

But from my personal point of view, it cannot be said often enough!!!

"Mr. Chin" is also depicted on my audio book in full glory, but this is not what I
really wanted to say. Erm. Yes. Although I haven't finnished listening to it (I am a
fast reader, but it takes me for ever to find the time to listen to audio books, and
CL is actually my second.) I'm so happy to find dwj-post in my mailbox again (missed
you, folks) that I thought I ought to contribute something.

First point: I was rather surprised to hear music on it, which I find sounds a bit
like the tapes I used to listen to before I could read books. But I still liked it,
it sounds a bit strange, but it captures the atmophere I connected with the parts of
the book: a bit scary, a bit funny, sometimes both at once.

The second thing I noted, is how much interpretation happens when you have someone
reading a book to you.  (Especially if that someone is an actor ;-) Eg the woman
(forgot her name) who sees Cat's future in the beginning gets a very interesting
voice, which changed the mental picture I had of her. (I have to admit that this
picture was influenced by the illustrations in my old CL book, where *everybody*
(even Chrestomanci!) looks a bit plump and round-faced sort of friendly...) I like
the irony that is present in the reader's voice at some points. But I'm not to happy
with the way Chrestomanci sounds. It's a bit like a professor who goes "ahhh" in
some kind of a pressed voice... (strange description, I know, but hold you nose and
say "ahhh" and you see what I mean). And he sounds as if he's saying things like "He
teaches you sister for his eyes ? How uncomfortable..." on purpose. Now I always
imagined that he says it on purpose, too, but doesn't make it sound like it, but
rather mild, vague and surprised. But don't get me wrong, actually thinking about
these things is tremendous fun, so I'm happy with my audio book.

Last thing: at the moment my brain is trying to decide whether I will think
Chrestomanci in German or English pronouciation from now on. Although I read WW and
LoCC in english, it remained the way I learned it. But now... We'll see :-)


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