Test message, and apology for the downtime

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Mar 14 04:45:05 EST 2001

>Sorry for the spam. The list was down, and I'm just making sure that it's back
>up again.

It's good to see anything from suberic, Deborah!  Thanks for fixing 
it so quickly.

Don't know if other people saw this already, but on rabc there's a 
request for DWJ book reviews for a web site.  And a comment about 
_Archer's Goon_ being a parody of _Shadows in Amber_ ("of Amber"? 
Something like that).  Glad you asked what the Shadows book was, 
Helen.  I couldn't figure it out either. (This may have been answered 
already, as I'm reading through Google, which isn't keeping very 


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