In which the front, rather, cover of "Howl" versions are discussed. And rainbow socks!

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzky at
Mon Mar 12 20:35:56 EST 2001

Re copies of Howl.  I have the Ace 1989 edition and I particularly like the
front.  Not the people mind, but A)  I'm fond of wrap-around covers where
the front continues to the back and B I like the assorted things laying
around (lying?  I know which is correct when talking, but I don't know
which is spelled what way.)  like a lone tennis shoe.  Also Howl's outfit
is accurate, which is better than I can say for a lot of cover art.
Sophie's rainbow socks, while completely out of character are really cute

"If you have some liniment I'll put it on my dignity -- I think it's sprained."
-Mrs. Whatsit, Wrinkle in Time.

Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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