green ink = nutter

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Thu Mar 1 08:52:46 EST 2001

I worked at a newspaper for a while, and we used to get letter from a man 
who was desperatly hoping we would give him a job as proofreader or 
copyeditor. Every few days he would read the entire paper from cover to 
cover, note all the mistakes he found, including mistakes in the ads and 
things like no space after a period, and fax us a one or two page 
handwritten list (the paper itself was only 8 pages long, being an English 
digest of a Hebrew daily). As I said, the letters were all hand written in 
teeny-tiny perfectly formed handwriting, with absolutely no margins and no 
spacing in between lines. He'd just start at the top lefthand corner and 
write his way mechanically down until he reached the end of the paper or the 
end of his list. Needless to say, despite his remarkable skill for spotting 
errors and our lack of good copyeditors, a job offer was never extended to 

I couldn't tell what color ink he used, though, because the letters came by 
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