Tepper addendum (minority characters)

Gross Family argross at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jun 30 23:49:29 EDT 2001

> >  > I feel rather ignorant, but who is Mordechai Roberts/Tacroy?
> >>
> >>  Ros
> >
> >He's a character in THE LIVES OF CHRISTOPHER CHANT. Christopher Chant's
> >becomes Chrestomanci) uncle.
> >
> >Sallyo.

Hallie said:

> Um...  Not Christopher's uncle, unless Cara, Becca and I are all
> having total brainstorms (of the bad sort) simultaneously.  Tacroy's
> the one Christopher meets in the other worlds, and is later caught as
> being part of Ralph's Gang. Mordechai in the "real world".

OK. Time to re-read. after Sallyo's explanation, I remembered it was from
_The Lives of Christopher Chant_ but obviously it's just been far too long
since I've read it. You can take away my diploma as well as my badge now.


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