Pop tarts was re Bread Pudding

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat Jun 30 18:13:23 EDT 2001

>  > who is moving next weekend and hates packing, especially now
>that I have no
>>  easy access to my books before unpacking them =(. But, at least I'll have
>  > room for more books.
>I  feel for you, I haven't moved for sixteen years and the very idea is
>appalling. good luck.

Gosh, you're lucky - we've moved 8 times in the last 16 years (and 
that's not including moving temporarily up to my mother's after she 
had her heart operation).  I suppose I could do a Pollyanna and say 
the moves have at least stopped our being buried alive in our 
clutter, but I still hate it.

One of the worst Moving Incidents was on our next-to-last day in 
Tucson.  I'd phoned the Salvation Army and a van was coming to pick 
up a bunch of stuff, including a lot of books.  They'd said no 
Harlequins and no text-books, which was fine.  When the van got 
there, the guys in the van told me they actually didn't sell books 
anymore in the stores, and they'd be taking them to the dump.  And 
there was NOTHING I could do at that stage.   Bad, bad moment...


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