Tepper addendum (minority characters)

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Sat Jun 30 12:41:40 EDT 2001

> > Related, vaguely: in how many books is there a supporting character of a
> > minority race that never has there race paraded, either Look: token
> > (fill_in_the_blank) character or Look:This character has racial issues.
> > only characters I've come up with are Mordechai Roberts (also an
> > extraterrestrial, but that does _not_ count) and Vielle Howards.  Anyone
> > else?

Yep. ShuMar (hero of my book SHADOWDANCERS) has a first lover named
Dawkinda. She has black skin, but there's no issue... she's just a very
desirable girl he loses to his friend and fellow Valourn (acrobatic dancer).


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