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Tarja asked
> And to continue with the food related stuff (oh, no, here the list goes
> again on a food rampage... =)), I know this is a trivial thing to stick in
> one's mind about a great book, but what is a Pop-tart? Joanna in Willis's
> _Passage_ always had only had a Pop-tart for breakfast and I kept wondering
> what they were like.

We're talking about pop tarts and no one has mentioned exploding 

One of the reasons pop tarts never really took off in the UK is that 
our toasters operate at higher temperatures than US ones. This 
had two unfortunate consequences. Firstly the pop tarts became 
super hot making both the sugar coating and the jam filling 
distinctly hazardous, since the time from contact with boiling jam 
to painful burn was rather less than the time it would take to get to 
the cold tap. So you had to toast the things, hope they didn't fly 
out of the toaster and hit anyone, then wait for them to cool down 
enough to eat. Secondly if they got stuck in the toaster, or just 
stayed in too long the whole thing would catch fire. The company 
tried to blame careless consumers and faulty toasters until a 
consumer programme got them in a double whammy between a 
burns expert and half a dozen flaming toasters......... I think six out 
of eight failed to eject  their pop tarts and ignited, one after only two 
minutes and then, iirc, the one that had lasted the longest did 
actually explode in a shower of sparks and a gout of flame. After 
that I think they came with instructions that said to cook them in 
the oven.  

> who is moving next weekend and hates packing, especially now 
that I have no
> easy access to my books before unpacking them =(. But, at least I'll have
> room for more books.

I  feel for you, I haven't moved for sixteen years and the very idea is 
appalling. good luck. 

"Any reader has the right to say of any text: "But I didn't think it was that good."

Samuel R Delany
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