Tepper addendum (minority characters)

Kyra Jucovy klj at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Fri Jun 29 00:19:12 EDT 2001

I was just reading an interview with Ursula LeGuin (now, _where_ was I
reading an interview with Ursula LeGuin. . . I hate my memory.) in which
she points out that she does this very frequently, which is actually
something I've noticed on my own (I _can_ be observant!).  In some cases,
this doesn't necessarily count - does it matter that most of the
characters in Earthsea are dark-skinned but don't have racial issues
about it, considering that they aren't exactly from a place where this
works in the same way that it does on Earth?  But in other cases, it
does; I've always liked that Genly Ai of_The Left Hand of Darkness_ is in
fact dark-skinned without this _ever_ becoming remotely important to the
book's point.  And yes, I like this about Mordechai Roberts as well - he's
a great character in general, isn't he?  Although I must admit that I
still think of him as Tacroy.


"We always try to figure out what my girl friend wants and thinks, don't
---Gun Kim of Seed9 Entertainment, proving bad Korean translations are
just as bad as bad Japanese translations

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Rebecca Ganetzky wrote:

> Related, vaguely: in how many books is there a supporting character of a 
> minority race that never has there race paraded, either Look: token 
> (fill_in_the_blank) character or Look:This character has racial issues.  The 
> only characters I've come up with are Mordechai Roberts (also an 
> extraterrestrial, but that does _not_ count) and Vielle Howards.  Anyone 
> else?
> -RDG

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