Tepper addendum

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 29 00:01:35 EDT 2001

Going back, it was the statement that Polly and Sophie and Tanaqui and lots 
of women are heros, but not feministic that my comment related to.  (Another 
bad sentence -- it ended with a preposition.)  They are females, but they 
are heros because females can be heros, without it being something special.  
I think that's more true feminism, though.  It says more that a character 
can be female and powerful without inteded feminism than it does to have a 
feministic novel.
Related, vaguely: in how many books is there a supporting character of a 
minority race that never has there race paraded, either Look: token 
(fill_in_the_blank) character or Look:This character has racial issues.  The 
only characters I've come up with are Mordechai Roberts (also an 
extraterrestrial, but that does _not_ count) and Vielle Howards.  Anyone 
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