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Thu Jun 28 14:05:15 EDT 2001

Sallyo said...

> Yes, that's the sort I have trouble with. I'm sure there are others, who
> prob. think like me - best person for the job! But they're not very vocal.
> hold that my *brain* is as good as a man of comparable
> age/background/education etc, but it works in a slightly different way. I
> seem to see more shades of grey. My body is as good for some things, and
> better for some things, but no good for others. etc.

Yes, that's it exactly.  When these things come up, I tend to describe
myself as an "equalist" rather than a "feminist", simply because the "men
are evil" brigade have made me very uncomfortable with the term "feminism".

> > > > >Urn Burial, Robert Westall - A good book from a very reliable Brit
> > (dec)
> > Ooh, I've not read that one - though I've read a lot of his.  Is it one
> > his older ones (say, pre-"Futuretrack Five")?
> Not that old, but as he's dead it's not that new either.

He's dead?  Damn!  I didn't know.  When did he die?  I love his books.

> I reviewed it on
> the 'net in 1999. Go to
> to see the

Shall do.  And if it sounds good, I'll see if my local library has it or can
get it for me.
> > join this list.  And then the Irish faction will start thinking about
> > domination... :-)
> Of course! Up the Irish! (Guess where my great granny Bridget Smith came
> from???)

Convict or colonist? :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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"I feel that if a character cannot communicate, the very least he can do is
to shut up!"
--Tom Lehrer

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