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Wed Jun 27 20:52:42 EDT 2001

.  One of the
> other Aussies retaliated with a list of at least two dozen Aussie spec-fic
> writers...and you were one of those listed!

Ohh... nice! There are actually heaps of YA sf and fantasy writers here,
tho' the adult side isn't well represented. Still, good YA fantasy/ sf
(voila! oblig. DWJ ref) is as good as it gets, and often better. So there.

> Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against feminism in principle.
> in practice, most of the feminists I've come across have been of the "men
> are evil" variety.

Yes, that's the sort I have trouble with. I'm sure there are others, who
prob. think like me - best person for the job! But they're not very vocal. I
hold that my *brain* is as good as a man of comparable
age/background/education etc, but it works in a slightly different way. I
seem to see more shades of grey. My body is as good for some things, and
better for some things, but no good for others. etc.

> Only for "Deerskin", surely?  The others of hers that I've read have been
> quite...comfortable.

Maybe I mean "dense". Mind you, I even walk roiund a new DWJ and sniff it
cautiously before plunging in. I have to invest a lot of emotion when I read
these and I don't always feel like it unless I have a good clear several
hours to recover..

> > > >Urn Burial, Robert Westall - A good book from a very reliable Brit
> (dec)

> Ooh, I've not read that one - though I've read a lot of his.  Is it one of
> his older ones (say, pre-"Futuretrack Five")?

Not that old, but as he's dead it's not that new either. I reviewed it on
the 'net in 1999. Go to
to see the review.

> join this list.  And then the Irish faction will start thinking about
> domination... :-)

Of course! Up the Irish! (Guess where my great granny Bridget Smith came


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