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Wed Jun 27 19:30:41 EDT 2001

Rebecca said  
> quoth he: (he being Ven 

Ven is she -- just putting the record straight, not being offended or 

.  Sorry there is a reason for the archaic language, 
> but it's a long and complicated reason)
> >Just to get this list back on its normal track: what sort of bread
> >pudding was Connie Willis targetting in Bellwether? I've just been
> >looking at her web site and she said BW was a great book for
> >having a go at various pet hates like anti smoking nazis and bread
> >pudding. Is there anything particularly horrid about bread pudding in
> >the States? And what do you guys call bread pudding anyway?
> I don't think there's anything particularly horrid about bread pudding, 
> except that it masq(u?)arades (Okay I'm having a bad spelling day, and I 
> loaned out my Pratchett book of the same name) as a dessert, and gets 
> offered instead of chocolate. (Any enemy of chocolate is an enemy of mine 
> theory?)  I think it's also rumored to be like the brussel sprouts of desert 
> - -- you can't leave the table until you've finished it and it's mushy, and 
> made of stale bread.  (I think I read a kids' story about that once.)
> And I, at least, have always called bread pudding bread pudding.

Oops, in UK idiom (at least where I'm from) the question "what do 
you guys call x? doesn't always mean "what alternative name do 
you have for x?" it can be, and this is what I actually meant, "What 
is it that you call x?"  ie what goes into bread pudding in the 
States? So you answered it in any case, Rebecca, sorry for the 

Ruth wrote
> I have no idea why Willis targetted bread pudding.  I've always loved
> the stuff, and I think the way it's made here in the States is pretty
> much how it's made most places - you soak torn-up good-quality white
> bread in a mixture of milk (or cream), beaten eggs, and sugar, then bake
> the whole thing in the oven 
> But some people just don't like soggy bread.  I have a friend who can't
> abide French Toast, for  example, and she thinks bread pudding is an
> abomination.  De gustibus ...

So its the doughy sort of bread pudding as opposed to bread and 
butter pudding, which I grew up calling bread pudding, just so I 
could get confused later on  <g>. I suspect whether bread pudding 
is any good is a factor of how much bread there is to the eggs and 
the milk/cream, and whether you have bought it in in a cold, plastic 
wrapped, lump from a motorway service station. (I originally typed 
....whether bread pudding is any food.......). Bread and butter 
pudding is similar to what Ruth described above, but its made with 
triangles of buttered bread, arranged in neat layers with sultanas 
(etc) and the egg custard is poured on just before it goes in the 
oven, and to only just cover the bread so the top layer ends up 
crisp and caramelised. nursery food but pretty nice nursery food -- 
and you don't always have to have chocolate.......

Dammit I've just said something even more controversial than "I 
don't like Jane Austen."

"Any reader has the right to say of any text: "But I didn't think it was that good."

Samuel R Delany
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