DWJ: Polly, Sophie

lpuszcz at uoft02.utoledo.edu lpuszcz at uoft02.utoledo.edu
Wed Jun 27 14:48:34 EDT 2001

SallyO wrote:
DWJ ref... Polly is a hero, so is Sophie, but I wouldn't call either of
them feminists.

Interesting.  This is in no way intended to be a criticism; the list has
always talked about how every person seems to have their own definition of
feminism, and I can see, Sallyo, that by certain definitions of feminism,
Polly and Sophie aren't, but in my own mind, by my own definition of
feminism, which is no more or no less valid than anyone else's, Polly and
Sophie are two female characters I would hold up as examples of the kind
of feminist I would label myself as.  I've often thought that an analysis
of _Howl's Moving Castle_ from one of the feminist approaches would be


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