Bread pudding

Ruth Pitt ruthssp at
Mon Jun 25 22:29:02 EDT 2001

I have no idea why Willis targetted bread pudding.  I've always loved
the stuff, and I think the way it's made here in the States is pretty
much how it's made most places - you soak torn-up good-quality white
bread in a mixture of milk (or cream), beaten eggs, and sugar, then bake
the whole thing in the oven (for best results, you stand your baking
dish in a water bath - A/K/A "bain marie" - while it's baking).  Some
people add raisins or other fruit.  You can top your serving with
vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.  In New Orleans, they serve it with
a rum sauce - yum!

But some people just don't like soggy bread.  I have a friend who can't
abide French Toast, for  example, and she thinks bread pudding is an
abomination.  De gustibus ...

- Ruth

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