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Tue Jun 26 21:44:34 EDT 2001

quoth he: (he being Ven.  Sorry there is a reason for the archaic language, 
but it's a long and complicated reason)
>Just to get this list back on its normal track: what sort of bread
>pudding was Connie Willis targetting in Bellwether? I've just been
>looking at her web site and she said BW was a great book for
>having a go at various pet hates like anti smoking nazis and bread
>pudding. Is there anything particularly horrid about bread pudding in
>the States? And what do you guys call bread pudding anyway?
I don't think there's anything particularly horrid about bread pudding, 
except that it masq(u?)arades (Okay I'm having a bad spelling day, and I 
loaned out my Pratchett book of the same name) as a dessert, and gets 
offered instead of chocolate. (Any enemy of chocolate is an enemy of mine 
theory?)  I think it's also rumored to be like the brussel sprouts of desert 
-- you can't leave the table until you've finished it and it's mushy, and 
made of stale bread.  (I think I read a kids' story about that once.)
And I, at least, have always called bread pudding bread pudding.
But, then again, I've never had bread pudding, so I can't exactly call 
myself an expert.
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