OT: Willis (Arabel, All My darling Daughters)

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 26 21:35:16 EDT 2001

Sayth Hallie:  (Sayth looks wrong.  Is it even a word?)
>Well, here's my stupid question:  where were they exactly?  I know it
>was "Hell", and I know it was a school, but in the beginning I didn't
>know what was going on with the place, and by later on in the story I
>wasn't paying attention to *that* part, and now I can't quite muster
>the resolve to go read it over.  But I'm just wondering if it was
>just any old university in a particularly nasty little world, or if
>there was some important bit I missed about why the male characters
>were sent there.
As far as I could tell it was just a planet in the Hell series of the world, 
with a university buily there in "old-style".  Someone brought up that it 
was for studenta who were born and raised by trust, but as Zibet wasn't I 
think it was just that many of the students were trust children.

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