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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Jun 26 20:44:11 EDT 2001

> I've only read two of these, the Catherine Fisher and Eva Ibbotson.
> Haven't heard of half the others, but love the "Flock of Blats"
> title!  Are these all books you've read and would recommend?

Not exactly, Hallie... but the list is justified as follows;

> >Blat Magic, Michael Stephens
> >A Flock of Blats, Michael Stephens - both these are new from an
Australian fantsy writer I hadn't encountered. My editor gave them to me as
"test" books.

> >The Book of Unicorns, Jackie French. - Jackie French is a very highly
regarded Aussie writer. She also does a TV segment on "kitchen magic" and
herbs on a pop. lifestyle (buzz word) show called Burke's Backyard. Plus, I
love unicorns! My first two fantasy novels (never pubbed - I was 14 when I
wrote them) were unicorn stories.

> >The Gate to Women's Country, Sheri S Tepper - This author has been highly
recommended, but I haven't actually got to reading her. Something about her
name (how petty!) put me off.

> >Memoirs of a Dangerous Alien, Maggie Prince
> >Pulling the Plug on the Universe, Maggie Prince Never heard of these
books or writer, but they look fun... at a giveaway price.

> >New World, Gillian Cross - Cross is a very good writer sometimes...
depends what day she's been having. At this price I took a punt.

> >The Other Face of Janus, Louise Katz - Another Aussie fantasy writer,
this is her second book. I have the first, and my ed. gave me this one for a

> >Red Hugh, Deborah Lisson - A very good Aus writer, (wrote The Devil's
Own). This is a fantasy too.

> >The Secret of Platform 13, Eva Ibbotson. - I've read most of her others
and enjoyed them.

> >The Snow-Walker's Son, Catherine Fisher - Liked the title - and the

> >Spindle's End, Robin McKinley - Have been wondering whether to buy this.
She's usually very good, but sometimes a bit too painful... got to be in the
right mood.

> >Urn Burial, Robert Westall - A good book from a very reliable Brit (dec)
fantasy writer.  Have read it from the lib, and now found my own copy!

Oh, and as my oblig DWJ ref... I found a copy of Wild Robert recently and
bought that, and drooled over a beautiful pb of FIRE AND HEMLOCK...
convinced myself, sadly, I didn't need a new copy. Sigh.


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