OT: Willis (Arabel, All My darling Daughters)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Jun 26 15:07:16 EDT 2001


>I had forgotten about the Barrett Browning allusions
>in the story so I "had " to go and read it again and found myself
>regretting it. I wrote earlier that I thought Willis had taken this too
>far, what I meant specifically is the way that all the male students
>get involved with the abomination, I just don't buy that.
>It seems to me to be saying that this is an experience which would
>appeal to any man, that's not something I want to believe at any
>rate, definitely Andrea Dworkin territory.

Well, here's my stupid question:  where were they exactly?  I know it 
was "Hell", and I know it was a school, but in the beginning I didn't 
know what was going on with the place, and by later on in the story I 
wasn't paying attention to *that* part, and now I can't quite muster 
the resolve to go read it over.  But I'm just wondering if it was 
just any old university in a particularly nasty little world, or if 
there was some important bit I missed about why the male characters 
were sent there.

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