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Ven ven at
Sun Jun 24 21:38:57 EDT 2001

Hallie wrote

> Or you (Ven) could come study Literature in the Open University. :) 
> Just to make a hugely rash assumption about character based on your 
> writings here, I think you might enjoy it just as much as I am.  It 
> may be outmoded, quite possibly we're not even learning literary 
> criticism at all, but I'm not worried.  We're studying literature, 
> it's fascinating, I'm learning a lot, so it works for me.  (It helps 
> that our tutor is great - just last month she said that Byron was 
> most likely a pig. ;))

Thanks Hallie, I think I would enjoy it, but I rather think I'm done 
with academia for the moment. Currently I'm enjoying discussing 
literature on this list and others, but I do think its about time I 
actually started doing it again................... 


"Any reader has the right to say of any text: "But I didn't think it was that good."

Samuel R Delany
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