Jane Austen was a load of re that I snipped off

Ven ven at vvcrane.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Jun 20 20:47:41 EDT 2001

Hallie said

> Oh what the heck.  I haven't finished my other replies, but am still 
> going to jump back in here.  Are we playing "friendly cop, mean cop" 
> in our defense of Jane Austen/defense of Ven's dislike of Jane 
> Austen, Melissa?  ;)  (Or should I not reveal more of our Evil Plan?)

LOL Being arrested by you two guys? Eep, I mean "No Comment" 
which is the best thing you can say to the arresting office imo, after 
"Yes, I do want my solicitor."

I must admit at times taking part in this discussion has felt a bit 
like homework, and now I've borrowed that copy of Sense and 
Sensibility I've got even more of it to do <g> "Read the first three 
chapters of Sense and Sensibility then say why you think it was 
the best thing you ever read." Actually I laughed out loud twice on 
the bus and found at least one page of dialogue almost too tedious 
to bear, so its one all so far. 

"Any reader has the right to say of any text: "But I didn't think it was that good."

Samuel R Delany
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