Connie Willis -- Promised Land

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at
Tue Jun 19 22:59:11 EDT 2001

Sorry, I just deleted all the re: text; I'm in the bad habit of doing that.  
But anyway, I'm just commenting that I ws quite fond of Cleo, too, although 
not _so much_ of Promised Land -- Pl doesn't have her normal deep look at 
life, and scientific perspective, although the characcterization and plot 
devolpment were both outstanding.
Re: Willis Titles -- After loaning out my copy of to Say Nothing of The Dog 
to so many people in the last month, we've began to call it Dog.  As in, 
ooh, I have a really good quote from Dog for the quote of the day.
-Rebecca, who has forgotten today's quote of the day, so have yesterdays
"It has alkways been the Prerogative of fools and half-wits to point out 
that the emperor is wearing no clothing, but the fact remains -- the emperor 
is still the emperor, and the half-wit is still a half-wit"
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