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> Well, this brings me to a bit of argument I've been meaning to bring
> up, concerning author's predjudices. Suppose a character in a
> nineteenth century novel is presented as stupid, comically ugly and
> irredeemably vulgar mannered. It's designed to arouse sympathy
> for the young man  whose father wants him to marry this fright for
> her money.  But suppose this character is black, and we know
> from other sources that the author was actively racist, does this
> not change the picture we have of her and of the author's intent?
> Can we still treat her as the author depicts her? The author in
> question is Thackeray, the book Vanity Fair. I find I can overlook
> his treatment of this character but I cannot forgive it. I do find it
> acceptable to step outside the parameters of a book for the
> purpose of criticism

What are the other sources that demonstrate Thackeray's racism, Ven? I have
only read Vanity Fair, which I did not much enjoy.


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