OTish: Up the flag for Jane Austen :)

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> I have to write back for this one.
> I was required to read P&P for school when I was sixteen, and I thought
> characters were the most ridiculous, silly, conflicted people EVER, and if
> everyone would just SAY what they thought/felt, the book would only be ten
> pages long, and all the better for those of us who were required to read
> I read it again in my mid twenties, and laughed so hard at times that I
> cried.  I've reread it at least three times since then.
> (If my sister is reading this, she can attest to the fact that I hated the
> book, which she quite liked even at age sixteen...)

This is late, but relevant, IMO.

Yesterday I spent a lovely time at a reunion of staff and former students
from a period of twenty years of a school where I used to teach. Towards the
end of the evening a familiar face approached - Emily hasn't changed much at
all. When she was in the Sixth Form she and I had a joking "running battle"
about which was the greater writer - Hardy or Austen. Last night she told me
(some drink having been imbibed!) that she was "now grown-up enough to
realise that Jane Austen is the greatest writer who ever lived!". She is now
about 35 - she was 17 when we "argued".

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