The Winter Guest

Liz Ottosson elizabethottosson at
Tue Jun 12 05:11:22 EDT 2001

>Have you seen "The Winter Guest" yet?  I want to see it but haven't seen
>title yet in our video store.  I imagine that it's one of those movies that
>you have to specifically ask them to buy.

I got it from a video store in the UK about three years ago, but I think it
was from one that tends to stock more "alternative" titles, rather than a
mainstream chain.

I only watched it once, so forgive my vagueness on the plot, but I loved it!
Basic storyline is Emma Thompson trying to recover from death of husband in
very remote Scottish village, accompanied by mother (Phyllida Law) and
teenage son. Meanwhile, son is slowly (and very comically) being seduced by
local girl.

I think it's the sort of film that people either find horrendously
depressing or uplifting in an odd sort of way - I belong to the latter

Enjoy it when you do see it!


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