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> Come to think of it
> >on the Powers list Tim himself told a story that suggests the
> >answer -- it was like what happens when one cat intoduces a live
> >possum into a hitherto quiet bedroom full of lots of other cats. Only
> >I was afraid I was the possum. What happens, according to Tim is
> >that the bedroom looks as though the cat had, in fact, brought in
> >two live gorillas and the possum, while physically unhurt, will need
> >trauma counseling for for the next few years.
> :)  (Was Tim Powers being the possum himself about something?) 

Nah, I should have made it clear -- it really happened that one of 
his, mostly ex feral,  cats deposited the possum on the bed next to 
Tim's (up til then) peacefully reading wife and all the other (up til 
then) peacefully sleeping cats. Mayhem then ensued as the cats 
variously bounced off walls and dived in and out of the window, 
before Tim was able to rescue the unfortunate possum from behind 
the laundry basket. It was all complicated by the fact that they 
hadn't got a clear sighting of the animal and it could have been 
something more dangerous.

On the subject of Tim Powers here's a nice quote form him. He 
was talking about how his heroes alwasys seem ready to give up 
aboput half way through and nevr sought to be involved in the first 

"The gods gave a mission to Advil the barbarian. If I was Advil I'd 
say "Get your mama to go on the mission."

Oh yes.


Those who fail to reread are doomed
 to read the same story everywhere -- Barthes
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