Jane Austen, was a lot of re that I snipped off

Ven ven at vvcrane.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Jun 10 20:49:08 EDT 2001

> >> But I don't agree that it's saying the world is dull and shoddy.  
> >
> >What I meant here actually was that the villains turned out to be 
> >shoddy -- or rather the people who turn out to be villains like 
> >Henry's snobby father and Isabel's gold digging brother.
> This is actually what I like about it.  Romances (not the falling-in-love
> kind, but the more general definition) always have Villains and
> larger-than-life plots and wickedness and stuff like that.  Reality is both
> more dull and more vivid than this.  Sure, it's just that Henry's father is
> a snob, but that's all it will take to keep Catherine and Henry apart.
> Catherine's happiness is effectively ruined without her being locked in a
> tower or drugged or kidnapped by a spectral figure.

The thing is that there are far worse evils than snobbery -- in JA's 
time as well as ours. In some ways the gothics with their shadows 
and dark secrets lurking beneath the surface are as true of 
Regency life  as anything JA wrote. There are also greater 
heroisms than Henry Tilney's.....................


> >> Ven, thanks for elaborating on why you don't like Jane Austen.  I found it
> >> intriguing.
> >> 
> >Thanks for showing what shaky ground I'm standing on :-)
> MWAHAHAHA!  It is our Evil Plan to turn you into a fanatic Janeite!
> Actually, I'd be satisfied for you to read _Sense and Sensibility_.
I've asked Sarah if I can borrow it, at any rate................. Is it the 
one in which Hugh Grant appears in an unfortunate ginger wig -- the 
film of which I mean.


Those who fail to reread are doomed
 to read the same story everywhere -- Barthes
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