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Sun Jun 10 20:02:06 EDT 2001

> On Fri, 8 Jun 2001 00:23:01 -0400 (EDT), deborah wrote:
> >But be careful: "All My Darling Daughters" is really really
> >upsetting.  Gross.  Vile.
> Oh, seconded heartily.  I can't bring myself to reread it.

Thirded? Reseconded? makes me think whatever possessed her. 
Of course it has such an impact because there is a core of truth in 
there, in the specific case but the story strikes me as a gross 

> >ObDWJ: _Uncharted Territories_ is my favorite Willis in a very
> >DWJ-like sort of way.
> I like the way the narrator's gender is obscure for about half the book.
> THAT is something DWJ would do.  :)

I don't think I've read this, why not?


Those who fail to reread are doomed
 to read the same story everywhere -- Barthes
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