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Thu Jun 7 19:54:11 EDT 2001

> Ven wrote:
> >I've been enjoying the argument very much Hallie, and all the
> >ensuing discussion from everyone. I can't find the right metaphor,
> >so I'll just have to say that I feel like someone who has just tossed
> >something troublesome into the middle of a pack of somethings,
> >that are easily stirred up, and now I'm hiding round the
> >corner,grinning with glee, and hoping you,re all enjoying it as much
> >as I am. (btw the problem with the metaphor is that you are
> >obviously not ants or wasps)
> Oh nooo!  Having just reread Bellwether, I'm sure that the pack of 
> somethings you're looking for is sheep! :)  "Why did you start 
> working with fads/liking Jane Austen?" "Because everyone else was 
> doing it"!  (But I swear it just isn't true!)

lol lots. I've always felt more like a goat myself. Come to think of it 
on the Powers list Tim himself told a story that suggests the 
answer -- it was like what happens when one cat intoduces a live 
possum into a hitherto quiet bedroom full of lots of other cats. Only 
I was afraid I was the possum. What happens, according to Tim is 
that the bedroom looks as though the cat had, in fact, brought in 
two live gorillas and the possum, while physically unhurt, will need 
trauma counseling for for the next few years.

> >I have to say that I know my reaction
> >to JA is intemperate and only sketchily argued <g>. It was forged
> >as a reaction to having to study her books -- as a coping
> >mechanism I set myself to analysing what I thought was wrong
> >with them.
> All I keep thinking is that you must have an amazing memory.  I'm 
> guessing you did O and A levels pretty much around the time I did 
> Inter and Leaving certs, and I have only the sketchiest memory of the 
> novels we read!  Although, for some reason, I do still know some of 
> the poetry we memorized.

Well, she says modestly, I do have an amazing memory -- that's 
why I left two bags of books in a shopping trolley in Sainsburys on 
Monday and why I'm always locking myself out and doublebooking 
myself, by forgetting, for example, that next Tuesday and the fifth 
are the same day. It may be the myth that you had to read every 
text six times in order to pass the exam, that everyone in my 
school believed, was to blame. My brain is pretty retentive for some 
things like books and history, and things I wish it wouldn't hold 
onto like showbiz trivia, but pretty hopeless at others like 
geography and dentist's appointments.  

> >It was only yesterday, in conversation with Sarah, my
> >good mate who also likes Dwj and Austen, that I realised why JA
> >continues to bug me so much -- it's because of people like you and
> >Sarah, whose opinions I respect and who usually share my literary
> >tastes -- I just can't understand it! However I also realise that,
> >unlikely as it may be for me to start liking JA, its still more likely
> >than my persuading you all to hate her..............
> Well, as long as you realise that... :)

Baa Baaaaaaahah hah


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