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> > In learning to read, we are trained to see the whole rather than the 
>  > It sucks.  People who really truly love reading love it because they are
>  > able to fall headlong into a book and live in it for however long they're
>  > reading.  You're not thinking about character and plot and theme, you're
>  > thinking about the story.  Sure, you can answer the above questions, but 
> in
>  > order to do it, you have to stay aloof from the story.  This is supposed 
> to
>  > be fun?  

There's something very like this in Zilpha Keatley Snyder's _The Velvet 
Room_. The heroine finally gets a decent English teacher and learns that 
there are other ways to approach a book than swallowing it whole, and after a 
bit of struggle she gets the idea and starts to love it. I should look up the 
passage and post it -- I honestly think that that very simple bit of 
exposition helped me through a lot of complicated English classes.

Helen Schinske
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