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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Jun 7 05:44:18 EDT 2001

>  > (As a grace note, the actress who portrayed Mary and Miss Bates
>>  in Paltrow's
>>  Emma, (I understand she is Thompson's sister?) is an excellent character
>>  actress. I certainly did not recognize her from the one role to the next.)
>>  --
>Would this not be Phyllida Law, who is actually Thompson's mother? Although
>there are now faint bells ringing about Emma Thompson having a sister, as
>well, so please correct me if I am wrong - I'd be interested to know!

The things I learn from being on this list!  I looked up the actress 
who played Miss Bates, and she's Sophie Thompson.  I'd never realised 
ET had a sister who also acts.  I'd think it must be her sister - 
surely she's far too young to be Emma T's mother.

And I'd also watched both films several times before catching that it 
was the same actress - there was a facial gesture she made as Miss 
Bates when Emma did the awful put-down that I suddenly remembered 
from Mary in Persuasion.

>Phyllida Law has played the mother figure, if not biological mother, to Emma
>Thompson in a couple of films, including Much Ado About Nothing (one of my
>favourite films as a teenager) and The Winter Guest.

Who is she in Much Ado About Nothing (still one of my favourite films)?


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