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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Jun 7 02:19:47 EDT 2001

Ven wrote:

>I've been enjoying the argument very much Hallie, and all the
>ensuing discussion from everyone. I can't find the right metaphor,
>so I'll just have to say that I feel like someone who has just tossed
>something troublesome into the middle of a pack of somethings,
>that are easily stirred up, and now I'm hiding round the
>corner,grinning with glee, and hoping you,re all enjoying it as much
>as I am. (btw the problem with the metaphor is that you are
>obviously not ants or wasps)

Oh nooo!  Having just reread Bellwether, I'm sure that the pack of 
somethings you're looking for is sheep! :)  "Why did you start 
working with fads/liking Jane Austen?" "Because everyone else was 
doing it"!  (But I swear it just isn't true!)

>I have to say that I know my reaction
>to JA is intemperate and only sketchily argued <g>. It was forged
>as a reaction to having to study her books -- as a coping
>mechanism I set myself to analysing what I thought was wrong
>with them.

All I keep thinking is that you must have an amazing memory.  I'm 
guessing you did O and A levels pretty much around the time I did 
Inter and Leaving certs, and I have only the sketchiest memory of the 
novels we read!  Although, for some reason, I do still know some of 
the poetry we memorized.

>It was only yesterday, in conversation with Sarah, my
>good mate who also likes Dwj and Austen, that I realised why JA
>continues to bug me so much -- it's because of people like you and
>Sarah, whose opinions I respect and who usually share my literary
>tastes -- I just can't understand it! However I also realise that,
>unlikely as it may be for me to start liking JA, its still more likely
>than my persuading you all to hate her..............

Well, as long as you realise that... :)


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