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Thu Jun 7 00:27:14 EDT 2001

I saw the theater release of Persuasion that came out about the same time as 
Paltrow's Emma. It garbaged up the climax and played a bit fast and loose 
with the plot. The thing that irked me most, however, was that the leading 
lady somehow chose to play the character with what was practically a limp for 
no reason that I could ever figure out. Upon the whole the book didn't 
translate well (Austin usually doesn't, which made the Thompson Sense and 
Sensibility such a unique experience) to screen, but it was certainly 
gorgeous to look at.

(As a grace note, the actress who portrayed Mary and Miss Bates in Paltrow's 
Emma, (I understand she is Thompson's sister?) is an excellent character 
actress. I certainly did not recognize her from the one role to the next.)
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