Jane Austen (was a whole lot of re that I have snipped off)

Ven ven at vvcrane.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Jun 6 21:16:24 EDT 2001

> [This is Becca writing, and I haven't written for years and years and 
> years because I have state exams on Wednesday and I really should be 
> studying science (shudder) or geography (insanely hysterical 
> high-pitched laugh of the kind that means I have studied around 10 of 
> the seventy chapters I need to know) but I'm not.]
Becca, hope the exams went ok, for the future if you would like 
Ven's guide on to how to pass exams in subjects you hate/are 
crap at write to me offlist.

> >It really ruins a book when you identify with characters the author doesn't
> >want you to like.  I mean, the whole book is set up for you to sympathize
> >with certain people, and you as the reader are basically refusing to join
> >the tour with all the other good little children.  :)
> I do this with movies. (sigh) I always want Dracula or Godzilla or 
> King Kong to win, even if it *does* mean the destruction of the whole 
> enitre human race. Human race? Hah! Who needs it?



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