Advice to Evil Overlords

Bodil Gram listedwj at
Wed Jun 6 18:31:15 EDT 2001

Dorian said...

>Somebody here is lying about provenance.  Sorry, I'm
>just fanatical about correct attirbution of stuff.  Unfortunately, there
>doesn't seem to be any way to tell whether Wombat or Peter is the originator
>of this stuff.

Thanks for providing the true provenance - and all the other good stuff!

I knew Wombat was probably not the original author because he is honest
enough to write he has "poached" it at the end, but I think he did not know
where it came from either, judging from his response to my request for
permission to pass it on.

I agree with you that it is A Bad Thing the way texts are pirated again and
again on the net, but as you can see (she added in a prissy voice) for my
own part I have tried to make it plain that I am not the author, and that I
have asked politely and passed the text on with as much information about
provenance as I could get.  :-)

Absolutely the last letter from me, it is getting really late here!
Friendly greetings,

P.S.  In my usual clumsy fashion I accidentally sent a a personal message
for Hallie to the list, but I guess it did not contain any of the usual
Danish state secrets I sell to my fellow master spy over in Ireland, so no
harm was done there. Phew!

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