Penpals explanation (not skiving _AT_ all!)

Bodil Gram listedwj at
Wed Jun 6 18:03:03 EDT 2001

>Bodil, this is wonderful!  Thank you so much for passing it on to us.

Glad you liked it. :-)   I still feel guilty about not answering your last
letter and forgetting to volunteer to lend you some of all my Tanya Huffs
and Patricia Wredes when you asked about them.  I don't have them all, but
now that I have finally done the decent thing, do let me know if there are
titles you still haven't found, eh?  I have several of the older ones

>But - er - exactly *what* kind of penpals are you hoping to find your
>mother?  :)

I was looking for any kind of friendly human who is able to use a computer
and would like to correspond with a very nice Danish teacher in her early
60s who still loves her job. In spite of being related to a slob like me,
she always answers her letters within a week or less.  **blushes with

If you know somebody, I have written a sort of "sales pitch" about her
which I'd love to pass on.

We are approaching midnight over here, so I'll wish you good night and go
fall asleep on top of yet another boring text book. Congratulations on
vanquishing that essay, by the way!

Venlig hilsen

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