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Wed Jun 6 17:12:49 EDT 2001

Hallie wrote
> FWIW, I am well aware that All Authors Are Not etc.- either version 
> will do.  And I hope I didn't appear to be arguing against your 
> reaction to JA, Ven.   Had you said you read Persuasion and found it 
> boring, or dreary, or moralistic, I wouldn't even have blinked. 
> Well, maybe that's not quite true, but I wouldn't have insisted the 
> book was wonderful because I find it wonderful. No, really!
> It's somewhat as if a friend had told you she hated DWJ because she'd 
> read F&H and  having been told that Polly was pretty much DWJ 
> herself, felt that Polly was hateful as she was just rottenly 
> unsympathetic to Ivy.  

I've been enjoying the argument very much Hallie, and all the 
ensuing discussion from everyone. I can't find the right metaphor, 
so I'll just have to say that I feel like someone who has just tossed 
something troublesome into the middle of a pack of somethings, 
that are easily stirred up, and now I'm hiding round the 
corner,grinning with glee, and hoping you,re all enjoying it as much 
as I am. (btw the problem with the metaphor is that you are 
obviously not ants or wasps) I have to say that I know my reaction 
to JA is intemperate and only sketchily argued <g>. It was forged 
as a reaction to having to study her books -- as a coping 
mechanism I set myself to analysing what I thought was wrong 
with them. It was only yesterday, in conversation with Sarah, my 
good mate who also likes Dwj and Austen, that I realised why JA 
continues to bug me so much -- it's because of people like you and 
Sarah, whose opinions I respect and who usually share my literary 
tastes -- I just can't understand it! However I also realise that, 
unlikely as it may be for me to start liking JA, its still more likely 
than my persuading you all to hate her..............

> I really am well and truly aware of the fact that my reactions to 
> books and characters therein are not necessarily going to bear any 
> close approximation to the reactions of others. 

Goes for me too, of course.

Oh no! I was just about to send this and another digest came in -- 
I'm so behind on my replies now that I guess I really have been 
hiding round the corner.  


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