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Hallie said...
> Sorry.  When you said that you disliked JA because of Persuasion, and
> then gave your reaction to Anne's character, I assumed you were
> talking of a character resemblance.  ("Recent tv adaptation"?  How
> did I miss this?  Who?  Where?  When?)

The BBC did a film of it in the mid-90s or so; I saw it in the Light House
Cinema (remember that, Hallie, on Middle Abbey Street?).  Maybe this is what
Ven(?) was talking about.  It was around the time of the Gwyneth Paltrow
"Sense & Sensibility" film; I saw both of them quite close together.  In
fact, I saw "Persuasion" before I'd read the book, and found the first part
of the film very confusing as a a result - not helped by my mother, with
whom I saw it, elbowing me at one point and hissing "they stole that scene
from 'Emma'!" (which I hadn't read either).

Since I hadn't read the book at the time, I can't really say whether it was
a good adaptation or not (though my mother thought it was).  Wouldn't mind
seeing it again, now.

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