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> At the risk of getting into a major argument here, though, I have
> little time for this idea that it is necessary to study things from
> a "feminist" point of view. I have every sympathy for the cause of
> Women's Liberation, but this idea that there must be "feminist"
> criticism, "feminist" this that and the other, makes me want to
> sign up for Men's Lib at the next opportunity. What happened to
> balanced viewpoints (even assuming that objectivity is impossible)?
> Sorry. End of rant.


Even though I'm a woman myself, I don't see the need for "the woman's
point of view"; this got worse when I was the only woman in the Dutch
Geofiction Society (of people who make up worlds) and the president
insisted on addressing us as "Lady and Gentlemen" and asking for "the
woman's point of view" every time we were discussing something. I
kept stressing that *my* point of view was *one person's* point of
view, and it didn't matter for the point of view in question that I
happened to be a woman, but he (and some other die-hards) just
refused to understand.

ObDWJ: I'd never have known that DWJ was a woman if she'd written
under a gender-neutral pen name, or just as D. Wynne Jones, except
for _Fire and Hemlock_. I think it's hellishly hard for a man to
catch the emotional state of an adolescent woman (or vice versa),
much harder than it is for a writer to catch the emotional state of a
*child* of the opposite sex. My husband and I can understand each
other's ten-year-old selves, and (mostly) each other's adult selves,
but never each other's eighteen-year-old selves.


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