Jane Austen (was: A whole lot of Re: that I snipped off)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Jun 5 13:58:35 EDT 2001

>  > (whimper), and ohmigod, there's Philip on feminist criticism and I
>>  NEED to disagree with that!  ;)
>Hallie, we've already had this discussion.  IIRC I said some offensive things,
>for which I later apologised; you made unwarranted and incorrect deductions
>about my motives for saying them and we ended up each roughly where we had
>I know you disagree, but I don't think there's anything but 
>unpleasantness to be
>gained from having the argument again.

Philip, there is a convention of netiquette you should probably learn 
to notice - especially before saying things *in public* concerning a 
private discussion - and that is the use of the smiley to indicate a 

>(Of course if others on this list wish to declare this on topic...)

The logic of this escapes me.  If 'others' declare this on topic, or 
if you choose to discuss it, that's different from my wanting to 
reply to messages about it - how?


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